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For Restaurants

After I complete the initial form, what’s next?

A volunteer account executive will call or email you to complete your profile

I don’t see my listing - is something wrong?
We’ve received your information, and our volunteers are adding the information for your listing manually, so it might take a few minutes. On 4/15 we received a large number of interested participants, which is AWESOME (but also time-consuming).
I don’t see my neighborhood or cuisine listed - can this get fixed?
Absolutely! Our biggest priority right now is to get your listing up so that you can start receiving orders (and $$$) and then we’ll begin on the additional neighborhoods and cuisines.
Is this just for 4/15?
Nope! We’re an ongoing resource to help out – the website will stay up, free of charge to you!


For Customers

I don’t see the restaurants offerings - it says “call for info” or “coming soon”. Will this be updated soon?
This is because we’re waiting for more information from the restaurant(s), but want to get them listed ASAP to help them out. The website will be continuously updated daily as we learn more from the restaurant(s).
How much does this cost?
NOTHING! We’re a group of foodies, restauranteurs, and lovers of San Francisco that just want to help out.
How do I order?
Each restaurant has listed their pickup and delivery options. If you see a “Call for Info” on their listing, it is because they might have multiple offerings based on the platform. Many restaurants are offering additional discounts or specials for pick-up versus delivery, for example.
My favorite restaurant isn’t listed - what should I do to help them?
Give them the website of to complete the form – on 4/15 or any day after!


about Us

We are a local team of marketers, foodies, and lovers of all things San Francisco!

Our mission is to help connect restaurants with more customers.



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